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Any public performance or usage of any sound recording or video, in part or full, needs license from Dhudiya Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. under the Copyright Act, 1957. Please note that Dhudiya is not a member of IPRS, PPL or any of its affiliates or international representations. Since all copyrights vest with Dhudiya, any licensing dues would be collected by us directly. Hence, all licensing queries for any Dhudiya footage in any format (audio or video) need to be referred to us directly at the following email address:

For Worldwide Digital / Internet / New Media / Mobile Licensing Queries: digital@dhudiya.com
For Domestic / India Licensing Queries: licensing@dhudiya.com
Overseas / Outside India Licensing Queries: oslicensing@dhudiya.com

You can fill in the form below, specifying your country & exact Licensing interests along with the film / song name and other relevant details, to look into your licensing query.


We look forward to the support of our fans, to help us curb movie piracy the world over. If you know anyone who is stocking, hiring, selling any counterfeit Dhudiya Entertainment titles in your country, please intimate us through this section. You can also report online piracy by giving us details of any Website/s allowing illegal streaming or downloads of Dhudiya Entertainment audio or video content.
Kindly note that your name will be kept in confidence in this entire exercise. It will also be appreciated if you can also report this to a local “Anti-Piracy Cell” or the relevant legal outfit in your country, before this piracy menace spreads any more.
We request our fans to help discourage music and movie piracy by NOT buying fake or counterfeit products out in the market.